Hu Dongfang from Risesun Science and Technology, National Model Worker and National People's Congress Representative, Attended the National “Two Sessions” in Beijing
13.03 2023

Hu Dongfang, the deputy chief engineer of Zhejiang Risesun Science and Technology Co., Ltd., is one of the nine representatives in Wenzhou recently going to Beijing to attend the “Two Sessions” of the National People's Congress. Moreover he had gone to the Great Hall of the People three times and had been kindly taught by Chairman Xi twice before.


He is a senior mold designer, technician, engineer, government special allowance expert of the State Council, representative of the National People's Congress, and party representative of Zhejiang Province who has been rooted in the production technology front line for 33 years. He has won honors such as National Model Worker, National May Day Labor Medal, National Demonstration Model Worker, and Leader of Craftsman Talent Innovation Studio.


With the rapid growth of new energy vehicles, the number of existing chargers is far from keeping up with the charging needs of car owners. Difficulty in charging is one of the major problems. It is necessary to constantly improve public charging facilities to solve the charging problems of car owners. But if most fuel vehicles are replaced by new energy vehicles, how will many domestic gas stations to be dealt with? On March 6,2023, when reviewing the government work reports delivered by Premier Li Keqiang on behalf of the State Council, Hu Dongfang suggested to the National People's Congress and the National Development and Reform Commission that the country should now do top-level design: First, to find suitable locations near the gas stations that currently meet the conditions for building additional charging station to build some charging station, and then to wait until the number of fuel vehicles is gradually reduced in the future. When new energy vehicles are gradually increasing,we can dismantle part of the gas stations or rebuild the gas stations step by step, and rebuild and expand the scale of charging station at the demolished places, so that the scale of the new and old charging station will be larger and convenient for the increasing charging demand of new energy vehicles. Secondly, we need to accelerate research and development to solve the safety technology problem of refueling and charging together.


Hu Dongfang proposed to the National People's Congress "Proposals on supporting Wenzhou Pilot Construction of National Data Elements Comprehensive Pilot Zone Demonstration Park and Accelerating market-oriented reform of data elements", supported China (Wenzhou) Data Intelligence and Security Service Innovation Park to strengthen the construction of "One Pavilion, One Courtyard, One Center", coordinated the Supreme People's Court to support the pilot establishment of "Wenzhou Data Resources Court" in Wenzhou, and coordinate the Ministry of Justice to confirm the "Wenzhou Data Resources Arbitration Court" as a national data resources arbitration center.


In terms of cultivating innovative craftsmen, Hu Dongfang proposed the suggestion of accelerating the mutual equivalence and integration of vocational education and general higher education, promoting undergraduate and graduate students in vocational education, and cultivating innovative craftsmen with an innovative spirit. This suggestion was published on China News Network, Xinhua News Agency, the learning platform of the Publicity Department of the Chinese Communist Party, China Education Daily, NetEase News, Sina News and other national media, and received wide attention. As of March 12,2023, the click-through rate exceeded 943000 times.


As a migrant worker from the rural area in Anhui province to Wenzhou, Hu Dongfang also proposed "Suggestions on Preferring Medical and Pension Insurance Policies for Rural Farmers".