Prepaid Power Vending Management System
System introduction

Prepaid power vending management system is based on power vending management software and database with the devices of computer, charging machine, prepaid meters, printers and security modules, etc. The system can configure the meter parameters, manage power vending and electricity consumption, it can report and manage data with effective safety. The system includes remote prepaid, local prepaid and postpaid functions. The system integrates metering, electronic, automation and computer technology to realize the modernization of energy metering, load control, charging, etc.

System advantages
1.The core of the system is based on WINDOWS and it supports WINDOWS, IOS, ANDROID, it also supports to purchase energy and inquire records through PC and mobile machine.
2.It supports stand-alone version, network version and mobile version; the vending modes include TOKEN, card, remote prepaid and postpaid, etc. It also supports software package automatic upgrading.
3.It supports multi-languages, functions are modular and can be customized.
4.The system has strong expansibility and reserve interfaces such as ATM, bank, APP, distributed vending for easy power purchasing, historical consumed energy inquiry, printing.
5.System management right is strictly controlled, IP access is also controlled, and historical login records can be traced.
6.It adopts advanced encryption algorithm and supports several mediums to transfer the data which is compressed with high speed and security.
7.The system has the functions such as energy consumption monitoring, anti-tamper, abnormality alarm, remote load control, energy statistics and analysis.
System functions modules
1.Archives management: information creating and import for departments, users .
2.Parameters setting: electricity price, meter configuration, etc.
3.Business management: creating accounts for new meters, meter changes, meter ownership transfer, customer information cancellation, power vending, disconnection and reconnection.
4.Data inquiry: power vending inquiry according to date, month, year, customers, distribution transformers, departments.
5.Data analysis: power vending analysis,drawing, report printing according to time, customers, distribution transformers, etc.
6.Rights management: operator management, operator password modification, etc.
System Architecture